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Associated HD Battery Charger/Booster
• 6V/12V/18V/24V 600Amp Boost
• 80A continuous charge and 400A crank assist at 12V
• Stop/Go light technology provides an incorrect polarity caution
• Fully insulated 500A Flexi-Spring clamps help prevent arcs and sparks
• Designed for safe operation indoors and out, even in rain, sleet, and snow
• Convenient Clamp Bar for Easy and Safe Storage of Clamps When not in Use
• Heavy-duty chrome-plated handle, powder-coated steel enclosure
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Product Specifications
ManufacturerAssociated Equipment
Voltage6V - 24V
Input Voltage120VAC
Boost Amps400A @ 12V
Cold Cranking Amps400A @ 12V, 400A @ 24V, 400A @ 6V, 400A @ 18V
Charging Amps80A @ 12V, 40A @ 24V, 100A @ 6V, 50A @ 18V
AC Cord Length10ft.
Cable Gauge4 AWG
Cable Length8ft.
Overall Width16"
Overall Height30"
Overall Depth17"
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