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Battery Maintenence

Deep Cycle/Marine Batteries

Storing your battery for extended periods

*A fully charged specific gravity of 1.265 corrected to 80°F is assumed.

Maintenance tips for extended battery life


Electrolyte level low? Add distilled water to bring level to the bottom of the vent walls.


Distilled water not available? Use a good drinking water. It's better than adding nothing; otherwise the battery plate will dry out and the battery could lose its capacity.

Recharging guidelines for maximum life

  1. Recharge immediately after each use
  2. Use battery charger matched to the battery's size
  3. Do not overcharge; an automatic charger that turns off or on with a timer is your best bet
  4. Always slow charge a deep cycle battery; never fast charge or boost charge it
  5. A 10-12 hour charge with the appropriate charger at the correct amp rate will usually bring your battery to a full state of charge from a deep discharge