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Abbreviation List

Abbreviation: Full Term:
1V 1-Groove V-Belt Pulley
2V 2-Groove V-Belt Pulley
3S 3-Groove Serpantine Pulley
3V 3-Groove V-Belt Pulley
4S 4-Groove Serpantine Pulley
5S 5-Groove Serpantine Pulley
6S 6-Groove Serpantine Pulley
7S 7-Groove Serpantine Pulley
8S 8-Groove Serpantine Pulley
9S 9-Groove Serpantine Pulley
A/AMP Amperage
AC Alternating Current
AT Automatic Transmission
B+ Battery Positive
B- Battery Negative
BAT Battery Terminal
CCW Counter Clockwise
CE Commutator End
CI Cubic Inches
CW Clockwise
D+ Trio Terminal
D- Ground
DBL BB Double Bearing
DD Direct Drive
DE Drive End
DEH Drive End Housing
DF Field Terminal
DUVAC Dual Voltage Alternating Current
EF External Fan
ER External Regulator
EREF External Regulator, External Fan
ERIF External Regulator, Internal Fan
EXT Extension/External
FLD Field Terminal
FMVSS Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Requirements
GRD Ground Terminal
HD Heavy Duty
HP Horse Power
HPRV High Pressure Relief Valve
HT High Torque
I Indicator Light
IF Internal Fan
IG/IGN Ignition
IMS Integrak Magnetic Switch
In Inch
IR Internal Regulator
IREF Internal Regulator, External Fan
IRIF Internal Regulator, Internal Fan
ISOL Isolation
KW Kilowatt
LH Left Hand
LRC Load Response Control
MI Moisture Indicator
MT Manual Transmission
NEG Negative
NG Negative Ground
NOS New Old Stock
NPT National Pipe Thread
OCP Overcrank Protection
OEM Original Equpiment Mfg.
OF O-Ring Female
OLP Over Load Protection
OM O-Ring Male
OSGR Offset Gear Reduction
PG Positive Ground
PLGR Planetary Gear Reduction
PMDD Permanent Direct Drive
PMGR Permanent Magnet Gear Reduction
PMOSGR Permanent Magnet Offset Gear Reduction
POS Positive
QD Quick Disconnect
R Relay Terminal
R-TERM Relay Terminal
REG Regulator
RH Right Hand
RPTO Rear Power Take-Off
S-TERM Switch Terminal
SG Sight Glass
SPL Spline
SRE Slip Ring End (Rear Housing)
SSL Semi Solid Link
T Teeth
THD Thread
V Voltage
VSET Voltage Set Point
W W-Terminal (AC-Tap)
W/ With
WO/ Without