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Autometer Test Equipment Battery Maintenance

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Charging Clip - Black
• Used for testing and charging applications
• Color coded
• Jaws accomodate up to 5/16"
Gauge: 5 AMP
Pack Qty.: 1
Color: Black

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Alligator Clips & Test Leads
• Jaws accomodate up to 5/16"
Gauge: 16 GA
Description: Test Leads - Insulated
Pack Qty.: 2
Length: 30"
Color: Red & Black
Style: Standard Jaw

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Autometer automatic electrical tester
• 12v & 24V Starting and Charging Systems
• Designed for and used exclusively by heavy-duty truck and off-road equipment technicians
• Tests flooded and AGM batteries and starting/charging circuits
• Compatible with 24v charging and starting systems
• Tests control circuit
• Will test up to four batteries at one time
• Patented automated voltage drop test
• Optional cables for J1708 communication
• Advanced Digital Pulse Load battery technology
• Quickly identify the real electrical issues
• Included external volt leads and AC-27 alternator adapters
• Reverse polarty protected
• New simplified preventative maintenance testing option
• New AGM optimized battery testing option

The BCT-200J utilizes Auto Meter's advanced preventative maintenance testing mode to quickly check the battery and starting/charging system for any failures, saving time and money. Designed and optimized for deep cycle and starting batteries, flooded and AGM. DIN Connector serial port communication.

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Autometer Charging System Analyzer W/Stand
• A heavy-duty battery and charging system analyzer that works well in either an automotive or heavy-duty environment.
• Incorperates an 800 Amp variable load carbon pile and comes with easy-to-read flip chart instructions that are mounted on top of the unit.
• Features include digital auto ranging voltmeter, 15 second timer, detachable external volt leads, field detachable inductive amp clamp and coolant fan that offers built-in protection against overheating.
• Includes: BVA-36/2 and the ES-8 Deluxe Equipment Stand
6 & 12V Automotive, Marine, & Commercial Starting Batteries. 12 & 24V Starting & Charging Systems.
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Autometer Handheld Battery Tester
• On-board 40 amp load for use with most automotive batteries.
• Customer communication with optional PR-12 infared printer or PC cable.
• Stores the last 50 tests in memory.
• 64 character 4 line LCD screen.
• 30" - 16 gauge leads.
• Tests discharged flooded and AGM batteries.
• Tough plastic case with rubber easy-grip boot.
Reverse polarity protection.
Battery Tester for Standard Automotive & Commercial Starting Batteries

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Autometer Carbon Pile Battery Tester
• 800 Amp variable load dual carbon pile and a battery temperature compensation scale offer maximum accuracy during battery testing.
• Automatic safety un-loader knob.
• Fan cooling offers built-in protection against overheating.
• Includes 15 second timer and fan override switch for cool down after testing.
6V & 12V Automotive & Commercial Starting Batteries, 12V Starting and Charging


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If you are looking for electrical accessories such as autometers, you are definitely in the right place. Under our Autometer category, you can find brand new autometers and other related testing equipment that make battery maintenance easy. When you shop at our online store, you can be sure to find autometers that are perfect for testing and charging applications. What's more, we stock products that come with 50A charging clips that are color coded for your convenience. For maximum safety, the test leads of the products are also insulated. That's not all! We also carry autometers that feature a battery temperature compensation scale; you can expect maximum accuracy during battery testing procedures. Browse through our inventory today and source for quality autometers with ease.